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Making Yogurt at Home

Makes 7 pint jars of creamy yogurt. Has directions for almond milk yogurt too!
Makes 7 pint jars of creamy yogurt. Has directions for almond milk yogurt too!

I have made yogurt in the crock pot before and it turns out okay … sometimes! Even if it seems I am doing the same thing, at the same temperatures, sometimes the yogurt is too liquid-y, or smells bad.

We finally bought a Euro Cuisine yogurt maker at Target ($23.00) which basically heats the milk to a consistent temp and we have had delicious, organic (using organic milk) probiotic yogurt every time. After you heat milk on the stove and allow it to cool a bit, you add some yogurt that has the live cultures, whisk it in, and then pour the milk into these 7 pint sized jars that come with the kit. 8-12 hours later, yogurt! You do have to turn the heat off yourself, it does NOT stop automatically like a crock pot. Well, it’s cheap lol. But I love it.

Here is one link  out of many for instructions on homemade yogurt (FYI: that is one excellent homestead link called Granny Miller). I love doing this and there is SO much you can do with yogurt. I love it in the morning with fruit and honey. Add some granola! In smoothies it’s the best too. I like using it in place of sour cream and I LOVE sour cream so this is good healthy substitute for me. Have you made your own? How do you like your yogurt? Even our vet said if we give our cat anything that is ‘people’ food, a bit of probiotic yogurt is perfect for him!



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