Homeschool Winter time!

My son, nickname Tali, had a splendid idea of creating one diorama each month, starting with Neanderthals and forward to modern times. Oh we’ll have a Triassic or Cretaceous dinosaur period as well.  Netflix has an AWESOME 2 episode show called Walking with Caveman.  We are BoTH learning so much. We both find it pretty fascinating. I wonder what we will evolve to in a million or so years? 🙂

Neanderthal diorama (not finished yet)

Neanderthal diorama (not finished yet)

Some of my favorite study material for my son and Spectrum Workbooks, found on Amazon.  He has been wanting for years to become a Game programmer when he grows up, and help create video/computer games.  After some research, we found that an Associates in Computer Science (then a Bachelors if he chooses) is the key to great jobs including game creating. Maybe as he grows up maybe he’ll change his mind. He is also interested in Archeology, which is super cool also (myself and my mother were always interested in that, so it must run in the family??). If I could go back in time, that would be my first choice of interest..the closest school for this is at Chapel Hill University, only 2 hours away. Might be the one and only Archeology degree on the east coast!

Now…8 year away IS the furthest from my mind..but it is fun to research. When a child has a dream, it sticks!!

A few children in my son’s homeschool group has their own 4H group. This is new to us and I am really excited about it. They will be volunteering soon in Agricultural areas. I always think of horses and cows when I think of 4H. :)


I’ve been homeschooling my sweet son since he was 5. He did half a year of kindergarten in which he just really didn’t feel ready for (his bday is in August) plus I really didn’t like the teacher…she would give poor grades, sad faces and such, if the children didn’t ‘color in the lines’ in the school coloring books. Talk about taking the love of learning out of the kid!! My friend homeschools her 4 children and loved it, so I thought I’d give it a go!  He loves being home and we joined a homeschool group of a bunch of lovely ladies and happy and fun kids. He also takes dance class and preformed in the Nutcracker this year as the Mouse Prince!

Taliesin at school

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