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Etsy site & Beard Balm!

Got a new product, asked for by my hubby:  Mountain Man Beard Balm. Nice and smooth, with lots of illipe butter. A butter that is my favorite actually even more so than Shea. Here is some info:

Regarded by some as the richest of all butters, illipe is made from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, a species of the Dipterocarpaceae plant family. It has been used for centuries to treat skin problems.


The illipe trees is native to Malaysia, typically found in Borneo. The nuts, which are collected from the forest floor and dried in the sun until the shells are brittle enough to be separated,  are 50% fat, are then pressed to extract this nourishing emollient. Containing oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid, illipe butter is similar in composition to shea butter but has a higher melting point, making it perfect for use in facial skin care products.

***Also, Etsy had me located in Australia..not sure why! Here is my location:

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