Make your favorite face cream!


Good evening!  If you’re in the northern hemisphere, I hope you are having a wonderful and fun Autumn! The dry and cold season of winter is coming up, and that’s when I amp up my face cream. Don’t spend a ton on fancy creams–make one that works!

I want to start by stating my favorite beauty essential oil for the skin is ROSEMARY.  Nothing will brighten up your skin or tighten pores. It gives instant healthy looking, wakened skin.


Let me give testimony to that….

It was when we moved to southern Florida that I stopped wearing as much makeup as I did in Cleveland, Ohio. It was just so HOT and HUMID! 🙂  I felt I could feel the foundation baking into my face. So more and more, I went without it. But I missed the even, youthful look foundation can give so I researched my essential oils I already had. I experimented, and found Rosemary to be the herb/essential oil of choice.


Herbs and oils are such a benefit to a lady’s beauty and health since the ancient Egyptians used beeswax, olive oil, and rosewater.  ❤

Rosemary, or ‘dew of the sea’, is a Mediterranean herb is most likely named for the blue flowers that cover the rosemary bush in mid-winter.  In Roman and Hellenic times rosemary bushes were especially grown in the gardens of the affluent to ward off evil spirits.  Gervase Markham (1568-1637) English writer and poet, included high praise for rosemary in his work “English Housewife” published in 1615.  He writes; “Rosemary water (the face washed therein both morning and night) causeth a fair and clear contenance.” Also,  “when one maketh a bath of this decoction, it is called the bath of life , the same drunk comforteth the heart, the brain, and the whole body, and cleanseth away the spots of the face; it maketh a man look young .”

^^^That is exactly what I did in Florida. The tap water is not very cold, so i would fill a large bowl with ice cubes at night, and by morning it was melted and so wonderfully chilly cold!  Then swirl in a couple drops of rosemary EO. Plant oil and water doesn’t mix well, but well enough for this age old ritual of splashing water on your face with the wonderful potion. You could also be even more old-school and toss in a couple rosemary branches the night before and have rosemary water waiting for you in the morning. Rosemary wakes you up, mentally and physically.  No matter how tired you feel, Rosemary really will make you look very alert! 😉  Rosemary also tightens your pores and evens out skin tone.  It is a true herb of youth! (if pregnant or trying to be, do not use). Use your favorite, beautiful large bowl you hide away for special occasions. YOU are a special occasion!


In North Carolina I also wanted to create a more solid form of rosemary I could use every day fast, so I now mix a few drops of rosemary EO into coconut oil and apply lightly to my face  night or morning! The coconut oil sinks right in with the rosemary oil. The molecules of essential oils are so minute, they enter the pores and right into your system. That is why essential oils are very powerful! If you have dry skin, melt just a little Shea or cocoa butter and stir into the coconut oil.  Avocado oil, which I use in my soaps, is best for aging skin.

Now, my skin is more oily, yet coconut oil doesn’t break me out at all like most oils would.  Rosemary will brighten and even out your already lovely face so much you might forget to apply makeup, or think you already have it on! That has happened to me many times. 🙂

Store in a small pot and use regularly. Mine stays fresh for months at room temperature.  ❤

Also! Add a couple drops of Rosemary EO to a cup of water and use as a leave in rinse for your hair. Helps immensely with hair fall-out and shine. 🙂