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Almond butter & Sunflower Love


Our one and only sunflower! We planted the seeds like 2 years ago!

Hi all! My son is allergic to peanuts. Not a strong allergy- it is mild. So I usually buy almond butter or sunflower seed butter. Yum, but it can be pretty expensive though!

We have a Vitamix refurbished so we bought it really inexpensively thru Target, and I decided to make our own almond butter. I had some almonds, added a little salt and little oil to make it creamy, and we had some sunflower seeds so I added that as well. It turned out great wow! Here’s a couple pictures. I’ll post the recipe from Vitamix book that I have. To be honest I don’t exactly measure when I cook except for when I bake I winged it and luckily it usually turns out pretty well!!


No matter which blender are you using be careful you do not burn out the motor. Adding a little oil to make your almond butter creamy also helps keep the motor running smooth. According to the Vitamix cookbook blendies ingredients together. You can turn the blender off and on periodically to rest your blades and motor as well. Delicious! I plan to do this with peanuts for Mark and myself! When making peanut or cashew butter you do not have to add as much oil because of the natural oils.

Almond butter:

3 cups almonds ( virtually any naughty like!)

1/3 to 1/2 cup oil

Blend! Store in the refrigerator for one month, if it last that long! 😄

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Sage, Sweetgrass & Olio’s

Uses clean, fresh rain water in North Carolina 🌸
Olio’s restaurant in Gastonia NC. Brunch time !

Hiiiii!  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. Haven’t posted in a while! It is so beautiful out and I got to spend time out today with the family on the deck.

North Carolina weather is so unusual; could be snowing and freezing one moment, next few days it could be warm and 70. I love the weather here!

We did have a bit of snow.



We kept Buddha warm.



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Winter Medicine: Delicious & Warming Tonic Syrups

Wonderful post! I plan to make my elderberry cough syrup very soon! 💚 You can skip the alcohol but it won’t last as long even in the refrigerator.



When dark, winter days challenge our bodies as well as our spirits, nothing makes a better remedy than old-fashioned tonic syrups. Time tested & true, these potent preventatives and remedial healers call on the nourishing, medicinal powers of tonic plants and adaptogenic herbs, berries, honey and warming spices. And not only will they help fortify your body, bolster your immunity and strengthen your heart, they will even uplift your spirit!

Plus they’re just darn delicious splashed into sparking water and cocktails or drizzled on pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt and ice cream. And if you’re already under the weather, take heart, served straight up by the teaspoon or mixed into hot tea, tonic syrups not only help soothe symptoms of colds and flus, coughs, congestion and sore throats, they make the medicine go down in the most delightful way!


Created by extracting and preserving plant’s nutrients and medicinal properties, in sugar, honey…

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Holidays 2016 ! Gianni Painted counter tops!

Taliesin at Crowder’s Mountain NC

I am happy to announce new WONDERFUL shops who are selling my soaps! Smart shops!!


Anthony’s Salon Barbershop in Twinsburg, Ohio, Olio’s Restaurant Gift Shop AND Gastonia Greenhouse Gifts in NC!

I’ve been cooking and making tons of soap for my shops. Taliesin is really happy in his art class, plus Middle School gaming. He has D&D with his friends too. 🙂 Dungeons and Dragons! He volunteers off and on at Stowe Botanical Garden too, in Belmont, NC. A lovely place to go, especially now with all the Holiday lights!

Olio’s in Gastonia is one of the best places to eat, probably in all of NC. I thought I would have to eat Italian or Mexican to have a great meal, but no more!  They are having a Christmas Tree donation for charities so we at Faerykiss donated this:

Sugar Plum Fairy Tree!




I have NO idea why this photo is sideways like this when the computer has it upright.

We bought Gianni paint for our countertops cause we can’t afford the real thing right now! Our countertops were old 1980s white and showed EVERYTHING. I am really happy with this! I added some fine glitter to the clear top coats for that expensive diamond look! Much easier than we though it would be. Try it out!

pie 2016.png
My pumpkin pie! Secret: use sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated milk. 😉
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Etsy site & Beard Balm!

Got a new product, asked for by my hubby:  Mountain Man Beard Balm. Nice and smooth, with lots of illipe butter. A butter that is my favorite actually even more so than Shea. Here is some info:

Regarded by some as the richest of all butters, illipe is made from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, a species of the Dipterocarpaceae plant family. It has been used for centuries to treat skin problems.


The illipe trees is native to Malaysia, typically found in Borneo. The nuts, which are collected from the forest floor and dried in the sun until the shells are brittle enough to be separated,  are 50% fat, are then pressed to extract this nourishing emollient. Containing oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid, illipe butter is similar in composition to shea butter but has a higher melting point, making it perfect for use in facial skin care products.

***Also, Etsy had me located in Australia..not sure why! Here is my location:

Have a great weekend! 🙂  ❤

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Cucs, Jalopenos, & Tomatoes

Our 2016 backyard little garden is growing better than last year..not sure why.

Well, this time we have the powered egg shells and some lime mixed in with the soil for the tomatoes to prevent them rotting out from the bottom.  See those jalapeños?? I NEVER have trouble with them, they grow SO well and fast!  I slice them thick and store them in a jar in the fridge with white vinegar. They’ll keep for almost-ever, and the vinegar itself is great for flavoring Mexican style dishes.

Son Taliesin and I went blackberry picking! Yum! I am searching for raw blackberry recipes because I don’t feel like cooking in this North Carolina’s heat.

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pray-for-orlando-getty-539551250  TIRED OF THE HATE!  I Don’t care which faith you follow..PLS teach love and acceptance! Rest in Peace, you innocent victims in Orlando. 😥

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Lip balm lip balm lip balm….

My Shea Butter lip butter balm flavors have changed over the years due to flavors becoming obsolete or just not a favorite. I started this business making only lip balms as I LOVE a GOOD lip balm–I keep one in my car, purse, bedside and pocket!


I love my newest flavor: Isle of Apples, named after the Isle of Avalon.  King Author, them all!  This lip balm has a green tart apple flavor that is far from boring, I’m really happy with it!

Another flavor is Herbal Tea, which includes essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, and a hint of eucalyptus. My friend who had a cold sore said it cleared right up after using this lip balm. I was actually trying to duplicate Burt’s Bees and did a pretty good job, though mine is not as minty strong; people just didn’t seem to like it.

Wild Cherry Blossom is a yummy black cherry flavor that is my personal favorite!

Lemongrass is a fav for many, just simple lemongrass essential oil added.

Strawberry Fields has been out since the beginning, as Herbal Tea. A flavor/smell like a sweet strawberry pie!

Sunshine Orange lip balm I really like, like fresh OJ in the morning, refreshing! Reminds me of the sweet tangelo juice in Florida!

Raspberry Ice is made special for a lovely local author who lives near me. Series is called Charity Moon. Here is the link to buy this book:

Banana-rama.  I stopped making this one for a while, then after popular demand, brought it back. A nice tropical flavor that reminds me of a banana daiquiri. 🙂

banana rama