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Wholesale Opportunities With Faerykissnaturals

Thank you for your interest regarding wholesale options for my products! I’ve got all the details below, but here’s the high points:
• Yes, I do wholesale, no consignment.
• Doing handmade-to-order products means I have to do it a little differently. I may not have all you need right away, but I am good at delivering fairly quick.
• I want to do business with you, so if anything below isn’t what your company is used to or you have questions — let me know and we can probably work something out.

See, quick and painless! 🙂 Now on to the details…

Minimum Order All that is required is an initial order of at least $100.00. I will deliver to you, or ship. I do ask for half payment down thru check mailed to me, or my PayPal account (if I mail soaps). I will work with you for a smooth and enjoyable transition. If you are a small business yourself and would like to start out with a smaller shipment/delivery, contact me!

 As mentioned, I make everything fresh by hand. This means I have no giant soap warehouse to be able to unload a pallet out of and ship to a wholesale customer, though if I could do that and remain handmade, that would be awesome!  I generally keep a healthy supply of materials on hand, however. Soapers who create entirely by hand (cold process soap) must have about a month for soap to cure. **It is always best to order before you run out of my product.**

Production times There is generally a minimum of two weeks production time required before items can ship/deliver. Normally, I get orders out much faster than that. Larger orders may require more time, and once the details of the order have been worked out, I can provide a more exact estimate. Please be aware that during certain times of year, my retail business is busier than others, like Nov.-Dec.

Sales price conditions, resale restrictions information  I do not require any sales price minimums or maximums — you are free to sell my items for whatever you think is fair. The only restriction I have is that the products must remain in their original packaging.

Why Faerykissnaturals? So what do my soaps and products have that make them worth buying wholesale? What does offering my products for sale do for you?  Big commercial soap companies are doing quite well, and I don’t think they’re shaking in their boots about what product I’m going to come out with next. And that’s completely fine.

But if you have, or want to attract, customers that value quality, small woman-owned businesses, they will appreciate my products. If you have customers willing to stray a bit from the beaten path, my products will catch their eye. And finally, if you have customers that’ll appreciate handmade, all-natural products that are interesting and different, for one example, my Mineral Mud soap, then I definitely think we can do business!  People want unique gifts now-a-days…not something they see mass produced.

Simply put: I make great soaps, solid lotions, lip butter balms, etc. and I do it at a price pretty much anyone can afford. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Additional Information Don’t forget to tell me about you! I offer a dynamic range of diverse products. Tell me about your business and your customers, and I promise I can make a great recommendation that will be something they’re interested in. Some of my retailers sell more of my ‘hippy’ type soaps, while others prefer both, or some more of my floral/herbal soaps.

Shipping  For retail sales, I will work with you to ensure the shipping goes as smoothly as possible.  If you are an hour away or less, I drive to your location.  I will drive as far up as Boone/Asheville, and into Charlotte area.
Complementary shipping on orders over $200 (US only).

For more information about what makes Faerykissnaturals different, please continue browsing our website and Etsy page.  Contact me though Etsy, or message me on my Facebook page, with a phone number, and we will get started, and answer any questions you have.
Kind Regards,

Theresa Neumayer